Newby Island Landfill

If District 4 residents elect me to be their representative in the City Council, I will take a strong stand in the Council not to expand the the landfill for the next 25 years without including effective mitigation to minimize negative effects on all the surrounding communities. Although landfill is located in San Jose, but it is a regional issue to be tackled together with City of Milpitas and Fremont. Any decision on this issue should be in conformance with the Alviso Master Plan.
Thank you.
-Bob Dhillon

Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast

Martin Luther King had a dream and so did Dr Bernard A. Harris Jr., First African American to walk in space after getting inspiration from from Martin Luther King . He delivered a very inspiring speech. Every one must listen to it, I am sure it is recorded and will be replayed.
Everyone can walk in the space of their own choice.

Hello San Jose!

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